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On this page you will find more details on various aspects of the Buccleuch Regiment; some history and some info on those key members who support or adventures. For images from some of our other events click here Beyond Grolle - Events

Back in Camp

Buccleuch Regiment’s camp is a lively and homely place where we can recover from our exertions on the battlefield. As well as a place for our many sleeping tents there is always a communal area where we eat, drink and sing together – an envy of many others we are happy to receive visitors from other regiments, we are all friends off the field.

The Kitchen Breakfast

Since our first visit to Grolle in 2015 we have been graced by some wonderful cooks who have surpassed all expectations of what is possible over an open hearth. We return to our normal lives having been spoilt with the delicacies of Buccleuch’s field kitchen. Indeed by 2017 we were salivating in expectation, and we were astounded by the quality and quantity put before us, almost to the point of being incapacitated from going on the field. Come 2019, we were again blessed and in 2022 there was no respite or indeed repeated meal from previous years, with the exception of the now traditional Haggis meal, brought over from Scotland, for the Saturday evening.






In 2022 Dirk and The kitchen team of the tavern "Zum thirsty ox" plied us with the following….

Thursday on arrival: A hearty (Venison) stew with pearl barley. The broth was drawn from deer leg. There were also carrots, leeks, celery and onions. A little salt and pepper.

Friday evening : Wild boar goulash with spaetzle (Swabian noodles) and red cabbage. For the goulash, onions and meat were first seared and then simmered in a copper kettle with a little water over a low flame. A few pears and a pinch of cinnamon were added. The Red cabbage was heated with some lard and diced apples.

Saturday night : The traditional haggis was served to the delight and refreshment of the Scottish fighters and German mercenaries. To do this, the new earth fruit called the potato was boiled and mashed to a pulp. Turnips were also processed into a strong porridge. This was enjoyed with good Dutch beer and Scotch whisky.

Sunday, the last evening: The battle is won and we sit together under the big tent with German specialties. There is bratwurst with bread, Maultaschen (an old southern German pasta variant). There was also an Weckewerk*. Weckewerk is a traditional meat processing from the North Hessian area. The Weckewerk came with bread and pickles.


Each morning a hearty breakfast: German rye bread, butter, blood sausage, liver sausage, aspic, mettwurst (like a coarse salami). Edam, Gouda, Brie, Hard boiled and scrambled eggs (with and without added bacon). Plum jam, honey, strawberry jam. Sour cucumber radish and porridge

The image to the right is our breakfast fayre...

Our Photographers

Tilly Domain

Tilly Domian is our Buccleuch's embedded photographer, happy to get involved and in amongst the action to produce superb images of Buccleuch's (and our adversaries) in action. Tilly does concert photography, re-enactment, lost places and what I encounter in everyday life so ... and sometimes even stands in front of the camera. Pikeman death






Andre Kesel

Our good friend Andre Kesel also provides us with some wonderful photographs, some of which are featured on this website. As well as his photographic talents he joined our small but effective musket block at Grolle in 2022.Pikemen






Our Musicians

Since our first visit to Grolle in 2015 we have been supported by fabulous muscians, not only in the form of drums and pipes whilst marching but also around our camp and indeed involved in creating entertainment in Grolle itself. A big hats off to Duncan & Liz Bell, Katja Piroué, Alasdair Stuart, Mhairi Taylor and Fraser McLachlan.

Katja PirouéDuncan Bell

Tokens of Grolle

As an award or acknowledgement our attenndance, each regiment or group that attends the Grolle event is awarded a token....

In 2017 it was a commemorative coin commemorative coin In 2019 it was a replicar of the tokens allocated to the civilians of Grolle to allow them access to the city walls to observe the besieging forces. replicar of the tokens allocated to the civilians of Grolle



The Caravaca Cross has always been part of the museum's collection in Groenlo.
Caravaca's Cross was used in prayer or as a personal amulet or talisman.
Whether it was hung on the wall or around one's neck, the cross was regarded as a source of power, health, happiness, and wealth. furthermore, the cross was believed to rovide protection against evil.